Monday, October 11, 2010

Most Important Research

The most important skill to research in Dragons of Atlantis is Levitation.  Each level increases your construction speed by 10%, meaning that you can build more buildings in less time.

Tip:  You should ALWAYS be researching something, but if you are able to, research Levitation FIRST.

Mist Dwindling

With just under 3 days left on my mist protection, I have built up a rather strong city that can produce resources quickly and have a good start on researching as many upgrades as possible.  Now, I will have to start thinking about fortifying my city against attack.  Since there are no alliances yet, it's very "every man for himself" in Dragons of Atlantis.

Tips for preparing your city for going "live"
  • Upgrade your Storage Vault.  Having a high level Storage Vault will allow you to safeguard your valuable resources.
  • Upgrade your wall.  Having a strong wall defense will deter lesser enemies from attacking you.
  • Upgrade your Dragon's Keep. Since this game is basically Kingdoms of Camelot with dragons, I am assuming that upgrading your dragon will help keep your city protected...I still need to research this a bit and find out exactly how the Dragons work.
  • Train Troops.  Make sure that you have a solid number of troops.  Make sure to always keep your food productions above your army consumption, otherwise you will start losing a valuable resource and your troops.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quick Tips

Dragons of Atlantis is a Facebook game that can be played using several different strategies.  Your strategy and play style should be based on how often you log on to the game and the amount of time you have to play.  Generally, if you can't spend a couple hours on the game, you can log on and start researching something new in your science center and start upgrading one of your other buildings that will take a large chunk of time.  This generally only takes a couple minutes and can reap great rewards down the road. 

To be successful, you will have to spend more than a few minutes here and there on this game, but if you're like me, you'll go a couple days without more than 5 minutes of free time :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Started

I saw an ad for Dragons of Atlantis, a new Facebook game that sounds similar to many of the other "build your city" games and decided to try.  I got into Kingdoms of Camelot for a couple weeks and enjoyed it, just wish I had more time to play.  This game is extremely similar...actually it's the same game with different graphics...and dragons.

What I learned from playing KoC is that in the beginning, it's about building as fast and efficient as you can.  DoA gives you an easy step by step guide by suggesting a questline that you should follow.  If you have the time to just sit and watch the building bars go, this strategy is the best for getting your city started.  If you're like me, and you don't have that kind of time, you can modify your strategy a bit.

Here's what my city looks like after starting earlier today and then working on it for about an hour tonight while I did some other things online.

As you can see, I primarily focused on building and upgrading my resource gathering units.  My theory behind this is that while I am away from my computer for the night and next day, these units will continue working for me gathering resources that I can use when I have an hour to devote to building things up again.

Tip:  When you're starting your city, you want to have a balanced resource gathering strategy.  I started with 3 of each resource gathering unit (Farm, Lumber Mill, Mine, and Quarry)

I also made sure to get going on my Science Center, which can be researching things to upgrade your resource production, troop movement, and many other important things that you really want to get a jump on.

Tip:  You can be researching something AND building something at the same time.

In my city in Kingdoms of Camelot, I ran with the strategy of having more barracks (or Garrisons in DoA) than cottages (or homes).  I think that I am going to try having a balanced number in this game to see how it goes.

Tip:  Building homes does not take a lot of time or resources, but your population is where you draw your resource workers, troops, and tax money from, so make sure to keep your population thriving.

One other thing that I did was start training 300 Conscript troops to use to grab some wilderness units.  My castle is level 3, so I can occupy 3 wildernesses which increase my production of a resource.  I looked at the map and found the closest level 1 wilderness, which happened to be a Mountain.  I sent my 300 troops in to attack and came back with 294, losing 6 troops.  I repeated this and grabbed another mountain and a savannah, just to make sure I had a bonus for my time away from the computer.

Tip:  300 Conscripts will conquer a level one wilderness with a loss of 6 troops.

One other thing that I tend to do before I leave my computer to sleep, eat, work, etc is find the building that will take the longest to upgrade and get it started, so when I come back I won't have to deal with it.  Tonight it will be my castle, which has a 2 hour and 4 minute upgrade time.

I will be posting some guide information on wildernesses, power, and other basic strategy as I keep working on this blog and game.

Thanks for reading!