Monday, October 11, 2010

Mist Dwindling

With just under 3 days left on my mist protection, I have built up a rather strong city that can produce resources quickly and have a good start on researching as many upgrades as possible.  Now, I will have to start thinking about fortifying my city against attack.  Since there are no alliances yet, it's very "every man for himself" in Dragons of Atlantis.

Tips for preparing your city for going "live"
  • Upgrade your Storage Vault.  Having a high level Storage Vault will allow you to safeguard your valuable resources.
  • Upgrade your wall.  Having a strong wall defense will deter lesser enemies from attacking you.
  • Upgrade your Dragon's Keep. Since this game is basically Kingdoms of Camelot with dragons, I am assuming that upgrading your dragon will help keep your city protected...I still need to research this a bit and find out exactly how the Dragons work.
  • Train Troops.  Make sure that you have a solid number of troops.  Make sure to always keep your food productions above your army consumption, otherwise you will start losing a valuable resource and your troops.

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