Friday, April 8, 2011

Water Dragon Egg and New Outpost

The best way to obtain a water dragon egg in Dragons of Atlantis is to farm level 8 lakes until you get lucky and find a water dragon egg.  I got my egg after hitting 40 level 8 lakes.

The way that I farmed was by hitting two level 8 lakes that were close to my city over and over.  I would send an attack, conquer the wilderness, recall my troops, abandon the wilderness, then send a 2nd group (can be less troops as it will take time for the monsters to respawn), and repeat the process on both lakes.  Honestly it should only take a couple hours of farming, but with my schedule it was hard to sit down and do it all at once.  I would do this for a few rounds and then come back later, but the idea is the same.

Once you get your egg, the next thing to do is to conquer the highest level wilderness plain that you can.  THe higher the plain, the more additional wildernesses you will be able to control.  That's right, your outpost allows you to control extra wildernesses, meaning that you can greatly increase your production of resources.  The further you advance in the game, the more useful this will become.

My army isn't strong enough yet to hit level 10 wildernesses, so I did a level 9.  I suggest waiting until you can hit level 10s, but I got impatient and wanted to see what the outpost was all about.  Based on the screen below, it looks like you will be able to create additional outposts as the game progresses and the developers implement it.

Another requirement is to be level 8 or higher, but if you can farm level 8 lakes you should be all set. 

Once you find your water dragon egg and have all the requirements pet, go to your "Empire" tab and click on "Create" below Outpost #1.  Get ready to spend a couple hours building and conquering new wildernesses.  Stay tuned for a guide on how to set up your new outpost!


  1. How do I know whether I can attack level 8 lakes?

  2. To know if you can attack level 8 lakes, read this
    It's worked for me pretty well.

  3. What do you suggest I should build more of in my first outpost?

  4. i am trying it for hours now on lvl8 lake without success. is it enough sending lbm or should i send my great dragon to the attacks as well? (and how do i do that?

  5. I hit 1 level 5 lake with 11k lbm and my great dragon and i got an egg. Lucky i guess ^_^