Sunday, March 4, 2012

Successfully Conquer a Level 9 Anthropus Camp

I just received a comment on one of my Dragons of Atlantis guides asking how many Longbowmen it takes to farm a level 9 anthropus camp.  Prior to this question, I had only hit level 8 and below.  Check out the screen shot below to see what kind of troops I used to successfully attack a level 9 anthropus camp.

As you can see, I sent out:
  • 88,000 LBM
  • 1,750 Giants
  • Stone Dragon
My research levels are as follows:
  • Weapons Calibration 10
  • Metallurgy 9
  • Medicine 8
  • Dragonry 8
  • Aerial Combat 8
This worked for me and once you get several of your Outposts up and running, training 100K LBM doesn't taken very long.


  1. hey can you defeat a lvl 5 camp with 4845 minitors,4766 lbm, 300 battle dragons, and 112 armored transports

    1. You dont even need that many.... I didnt use battle dragons....

  2. hay to defeat a lvl 5 camp i used about 10,000 lbms and 1,000 armored transport and some ssd swif strik dragons eg 500 and thats how to defeat a lvl 5 camp but make sure all your research are at lvl 7 like weapon calibration metallurgy medicine dragonry and aerial combat after you got the armor