Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So over the last week or so, I have been focusing on upgrading my city, training troops, and experimenting with attacking camps, wildernesses, and other cities.  I've found that there are plenty of opportunities around my city to farm inactive cities for much needed resources to train up my army.  Training an army takes a ton of time, so I have been very cautious with who I am attacking and haven't moved on passed attacking level 6 wildernesses and level 4 camps.

Currently, my army consists of...

Basically I use my entire army to attack level 4 outposts, the last time I attacked a level 5 I was wiped out.  I have a bunch of training going up for today so tonight or tomorrow I will try attacking a level 5 camp and see if my army is strong enough to start farming for my dragon armor.

I've upgraded my dragon to level 8, which means that soon I can start farming for my pieces of Dragon Armor and use my dragon when I attack new cities.  From what I've read, you need to get the armor for level 5 camps or higher.  I also want to start farming level 8 and higher lakes to try and get my Water Dragon Egg and start my outpost.

This game takes a ton of time to really start growing, but now that I'm farming inactive cities (those not in an alliance and basically having no defenses) I'm starting to see some more exponential growth.

Good luck everyone, feel free to leave comments with suggestions or questions!

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