Saturday, March 19, 2011

Getting a 2nd City!

Dragons of Atlantis just came out with the availability for you to obtain and create a 2nd outpost.  As I am going somewhat slowly in building my first city, I have yet to attempt to farm the Water Dragon Egg that is required to build an outpost.  From everything that I have read so far, you obtain a Water Dragon Egg by defeating a level 5 or higher lake.

I will post my results as I test this out and see how many runs it will take to farm a Water Dragon Egg.

Currently I have two generals (3 star and 5 star) and have researched lvl 3 weapons calibration and lvl 2 medicine.  With my number of troops, I have enough to conquer and farm level 5 wildernesses.  I found the closes level 5 lake and will be attacking it with this number of troops as much as possible until I get my water dragon egg.  Stay tuned for results...

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  1. Hey just found this link for a guide for it, it says lvl 7 lakes.